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Take a Chance

Published on Compassion International’s internal company site.

You know what’s a crazy experience? Walking into a giant campus that processed nearly 900M in revenue this year, being sat down at a cubicle, and being told to spend the summer studying how other organizations do mid-level and major donor communication, establishing what it means to the be the best in the world at donor servicing, and giving recommendations as to how Compassion can do better.

My first thought: “why are they letting me do this?”

I knew Compassion valued its interns and was committed to investing in them and giving them a great work experience, but I had no idea the gravity of work I would get to do.

I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on the work I have done this summer, and the years that have led to this, and one thing in particular stands out. There is no shortage of people that have taken the time to invest in me, taken a chance on me and trusted me with an opportunity that stretched me. I would never have gotten the experience needed to get to Compassion without my previous supervisor’s willingness to take a risk, to put me in the deep end of the pool, and to teach me when I came up short.

It hasn’t stopped there. This summer, I am overwhelmed with how much those at Compassion have chosen to take a chance on me. I have gotten to conduct a large research project into “best in class” communication of 5 different non-profits, analyze their communication, and make strategic recommendations as to what Compassion can do better. Having the opportunity as an intern to speak into a space so significant is a huge honor, and one I do not take lightly.

As the summer has progressed, I have gotten to edit and proof content, write copy for churches that have sponsored new center launches, and even create entire reports for mid-level donors from start to finish. I am so grateful for the opportunities and experience I have had here at Compassion.

I am reminded that I am here because someone took a chance on me. And then another and another person after that. They chose to look at the seed of who I was and to believe in the potential of what they saw I could become. They gave me space to fall, because they knew that it is only when there is the potential for failure that there is also the opportunity for real growth. They took time to teach me new skills when I was in unfamiliar territory, and they celebrated when I grew into the shoes they trusted me to fill.

I am here because someone gave me the chance to step up. My guess is that somewhere along the road, you can think of someone that chose to trust you too. So I want to say two things. One, thank you to everyone at Compassion who has taken the time to invest in and take a chance on your interns, and given them opportunities to rise to the occasion. And two, have the courage to take a chance on someone today. Be the one who takes a risk and trusts someone. You are a part in allowing them to become everything God has made them to be.