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Scroll through some donor reports for Compassion International below. Names redacted for privacy reasons.

Descriptions of individual efforts below each sample.

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Curated by Rochelle Coryn Smith. This was made off of a basic template, requiring asset collection, field content editing, copywriting, and minor design changes. Names have been removed for privacy.

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Custom design sales sheet used to pitch Compassion partnership to an MLB athlete. Copy by Dan Benson. Design and editing by Rochelle Smith.

2019 mid year update

FY19 mid-year report given to mid-level and major donors. Copy and custom design by Rochelle Smith.


This is a web report for a church that supported the building of a playground in Ethiopia. Copy by Rochelle Smith.


Bible Church*,

We are so grateful that you have partnered with Compassion and the church in Ethiopia to provide playground equipment for their community, and we are excited to share about the impact the playground has had on the community.

Play is important for the physical wellbeing and the development of a healthy brain in a child. It is largely through play that young children interact and practice physical exercises. Before your contribution, there was no safe area for the children to play, even in the compound. According to the Project Director, the extreme dust in the dry season and the muddy land during the rainy season was a common feature of the project. Because of this, children were highly affected by air borne diseases like eye and respiratory infections, causing children to be unable to participate in project activities. They were missing out on vital care, education, and development.

Thanks to contributions like yours, and the faithful work of the project staff and volunteers, the playground construction is now complete. It is a beautiful space where the 238 registered children love to spend their free time, along with their friends and family. The playing field allows them to play soccer, volleyball, basketball and other games together. The participation rate at the center has also increased by 8% due to the health benefits of the playground space.

Most importantly, this space has allowed them to share the gospel more effectively. The pastor of the church, Adwin*, says, “this is a great opportunity for all of us to reach the lives of youth in the surrounding areas, and to introduce them to their savior, Jesus Christ.” Children invite their friends to spend time at the playground, where the church has the opportunity to tell them about the love of Jesus.

Investing in giving children a safe place to play means that you are investing in a child’s physical, social and cognitive development, their health, their participation in the Compassion project where they receive education and care, and their knowledge of how Jesus loves them and is their hope.

Thank you for partnering with Compassion and the church in Ethiopia.

Compassion International

*Church and individual names have been changed for confidentiality

Copywriting by Rochelle Smith

This is a web report for a church planting project. Copy by Rochelle Smith


We are excited to tell you about the beginning construction of Holy Church! Throughout delays and roadblocks, God has been faithful to open doors. The City Hall office was supposed to donate land for the church, but that door closed unexpectedly. Instead, the church has decided to buy a piece of land where the Compassion Project will be able to use the building during the week to provide holistic child development. They have been eagerly waiting to begin construction, and are excited to be ready to start.

As they wait for this new building, the church has been sharing the gospel in another center, where they recently had 11 new confessions of faith and 7 adults renew their commitment with the Lord. 46 adults and 34 children currently attend the church. They recently had a special event for children that participate in Sunday School and were encouraged to invite their friends to upcoming activities.

“We are grateful to God for his grace and love in providing us with family, 3 children and a granddaughter as we minister to the community of San Antonio. In our marriage, we serve the Lord and we are grateful for that privilege. Three months ago, God called us to be part of an organization that is helping this community of new village San Antonio. We are embracing this opportunity to spread the gospel, and are so excited to see how God uses this church to bring hope and light into the community.” -Pastor Joel

We are grateful that you have joined us in this project that takes care of children and youth of the San Antonio community, and we are thankful that you have opened your hearts to be able to support this church planting and allowed them to share the gospel in this community. Below are some prayer requests from the pastor of the church.

  • Please pray for us so that God could give us intelligence to do this work properly.

  • Let’s pray for the construction to be done at the proper time with no interruption.

  • Pray for the families that are coming to our church, so that they can stand firm in the faith of Christ.

*names and number changed for confidentiality